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Micah Richardson

Goal: to create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

I stood in front of a mirror, taking no more than two minutes to do a quick sketch of myself yesterday. The drawing had very little likeness to me – that was not really my aim. I just wanted to draw a face quickly.  I walked back into my studio wondering what I was going to do with the thing. I added a few circles above the head and stared. Hmm. I began drawing circles over the face, varying sizes to build form. It was a bit creepy, yet interesting. Strangely enough, I am a fan of the piece.

Step 1 day 327

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March, Project Life

Love it

adventures in the here now

I have been on the internet a LOT lately, and I have been keeping up with my Project Life, and I have been posting my PL spreads (and other random awesomeness) to instagram every week (I am joblackford if you want to follow me – I have posted 1250 pictures there since I got my iPhone last summer!) …I just haven’t been blogging…

…because I’ve been watching New Girl. And reading about New Girl. And commenting on wonderful New Girl recap/review posts by Katie at Nerdy Girl Notes (she says everything I would want to say, but she writes it better than I ever could). And watching GIFs of New Girl on tumblr. (And trying to figure out what the point of tumblr is (I think it’s all about indulging your obsessions)). Yeah… I really like New Girl. And it just keeps getting better and better. (!!!)

If I had…

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White Dress in the Woods

Take a look at this

Art of the Familiar


Woodstock, NY ~ 2010

© StephiaMadelyne


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Who is Ando Hiroshige

Hiroshige was born in 1797 and named “Andō Tokutarō” (安藤 徳太郎) in the Yayosu barracks, just east of Edo Castle in the Yaesu area of Edo (present-day Tokyo). His father was Andō Gen’emon, a hereditary retainer (of the dōshin rank) of the shōgun. An official within the fire-fighting organization whose duty was to protect Edo Castle from fire, Gen’emon and his family, along with 30 other samurai, lived in one of the 10 barracks; although their salary of 60 koku marked them as a minor family, it was a stable position, and a very easy one — Professor Seiichiro Takahashi characterizes a fireman’s duties as largely consisting of revelry. The 30 samurai officials of a barracks, including Gen’emon, oversaw the efforts of the 300 lower-class workers who also lived within the barracks. A few scraps of evidence indicate he was tutored by another fireman who taught him in the Chinese-influenced Kanō school of painting.

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Andy Warhol – World is for him

A quarter century after Andy Warhol’s death, his work resonates more than ever. Several museum  exhibitions are focusing on his influence in painting, photography, film, performance, and more

Sale of a major Constable – The Lock – News!

“For Spain, the loss of The Lock is of a seriousness that is difficult to measure,” wrote Francisco Calvo Serraller, former director of the Prado Museum, in the Spanish daily El País. “Faced by this terrible loss, any art lover will feel not only terrible pain, but also a legitimate rage resulting from the shady, tricky and unexplained way this awful affair has been carried out.”

ohn Constable’s The Lock (1824), one of the English painter’s acknowledged masterpieces, depicts an idyllic and quintessentially English pastoral scene in which the sky and atmosphere are endowed with a vibrancy the Impressionists would later aspire to. In recent years the painting has hung in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, placed there on extended loan from the personal collection of the Baroness Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza.

Not anymore. Last summer the baroness abruptly withdrew the painting from the museum to put it up for auction at Christie’s London, where in July it fetched £22.4 million ($35.2 million). The sale provoked anger in Spanish art circles, protest among museum trustees, and public squabbling among members of the Thyssen-Bornemisza family.


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Calling all Artists, Illustrators, Painters, …

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