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Who is Ando Hiroshige

Hiroshige was born in 1797 and named “Andō Tokutarō” (安藤 徳太郎) in the Yayosu barracks, just east of Edo Castle in the Yaesu area of Edo (present-day Tokyo). His father was Andō Gen’emon, a hereditary retainer (of the dōshin rank) of the shōgun. An official within the fire-fighting organization whose duty was to protect Edo Castle from fire, Gen’emon and his family, along with 30 other samurai, lived in one of the 10 barracks; although their salary of 60 koku marked them as a minor family, it was a stable position, and a very easy one — Professor Seiichiro Takahashi characterizes a fireman’s duties as largely consisting of revelry. The 30 samurai officials of a barracks, including Gen’emon, oversaw the efforts of the 300 lower-class workers who also lived within the barracks. A few scraps of evidence indicate he was tutored by another fireman who taught him in the Chinese-influenced Kanō school of painting.

Who is Edward Lear? First For Prints Investigates

Who is Edward Lear? First For Prints Investigates.

Cubism Facts?


  • Analytical cubism was cubism’s first movement (1908-12). During this time,  Picasso and Braque pulled an object apart by depicting it from all possible  angles on just one plane.


  • Color was de-emphasized by the analytical cubists, who used dark and  monochromatic schemes. This was a major shift for Braque, who had been a fauvist  (a movement that exaggerated color).


Synthetic Cubism

  • As opposed to analytic cubism, which deconstructed one object, synthetic  cubism brought multiple objects into the same perspective  simultaneously.


  • Synthetic cubism marked the first time techniques like collage, decoupage and  stuck paper were seen as art (as opposed to craft).


  • The Sunblind, Juan Gris, 1914

    While Picasso and Braque continued to work in cubism during its synthetic  period, the Spaniard Juan Gris joined them and became an important  contributor.

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