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March, Project Life

Love it

adventures in the here now

I have been on the internet a LOT lately, and I have been keeping up with my Project Life, and I have been posting my PL spreads (and other random awesomeness) to instagram every week (I am joblackford if you want to follow me – I have posted 1250 pictures there since I got my iPhone last summer!) …I just haven’t been blogging…

…because I’ve been watching New Girl. And reading about New Girl. And commenting on wonderful New Girl recap/review posts by Katie at Nerdy Girl Notes (she says everything I would want to say, but she writes it better than I ever could). And watching GIFs of New Girl on tumblr. (And trying to figure out what the point of tumblr is (I think it’s all about indulging your obsessions)). Yeah… I really like New Girl. And it just keeps getting better and better. (!!!)

If I had…

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