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Cubism Facts?


  • Analytical cubism was cubism’s first movement (1908-12). During this time,  Picasso and Braque pulled an object apart by depicting it from all possible  angles on just one plane.


  • Color was de-emphasized by the analytical cubists, who used dark and  monochromatic schemes. This was a major shift for Braque, who had been a fauvist  (a movement that exaggerated color).


Synthetic Cubism

  • As opposed to analytic cubism, which deconstructed one object, synthetic  cubism brought multiple objects into the same perspective  simultaneously.


  • Synthetic cubism marked the first time techniques like collage, decoupage and  stuck paper were seen as art (as opposed to craft).


  • The Sunblind, Juan Gris, 1914

    While Picasso and Braque continued to work in cubism during its synthetic  period, the Spaniard Juan Gris joined them and became an important  contributor.


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